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Anti stall Magnetic logout

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I have a 51 Desoto coupe.On top of the carburetor is a Anti-stall Magnetic logout.It is broken.Can you help me with a dealer for this part? In Germany I find nothing for the car.
Thank you for help
desoto 51
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Welcome to Allpar. This is a Carter BB carburetor?
Some had an electromagnetic solenoid dashpot to reduce stalling on closed throttle deceleration. Some also had a mechanical dashpot.
Your carburetor part # should begin with 'E9-'.
I don't have a part # or part source for a solenoid. Is there any way to fix yours or retrofit a mechanical dashpot? Is the solenoid coil open?
Maybe join or contact some of the Chrysler restorer's clubs like the WPC club?
You may want to buy a whole carburetor if it appears online for sale, or if the opportunity presents itself.

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I have Partnumbers from my Mopar 51 Passenger car Partslist.
Parttypecode 14-53-1
Partno. 871743
I Think it is the original carb for the 6 cylinder Motor.On the carbbody is 6-700 printed.One wire from the Anti stall goes the governor and one wire to the solenoid (top of Transmission).It is a fluid drive tranny.
Thanks for your help
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