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Either way and back on topic.... I've been professionally resurrecting people's long forgotten dreams for around 15 years now and most recently was the "old car guy" at a local high end european shop. I've made things run like a 56 Jag XK 140 with a C type that sat with water (eek) in the cooling system for 40 years. First to do is check that there's no contamination in the oil - old oil is fine for a few minutes of running if you're out in the field. Second and VERY IMPORTANT is to check the condition of any rubber fuel line as a leak here can cost you a car and possible some injury or worse.Fresh gas on top of a small amount of old stuff is usually fine. After that check coolant, POWER STEERING (dry pump = failure) and trans fluid - dry trans pump = failure too... Then and only then are you ready to hit it with a new battery (don't jump it or you'll fry the ECM running the dead batt on the alternator - it's to the elec system what it is to the engine to go wide open in neutral)..... This should get you over to the garage/barn/shed/whatever so you can change fluids, check brakes (change that fluid too it's hygroscopic) and chase the critters out..... Good luck!
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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