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Any good sources.. ? '64 Jeep Wagoneer Panel

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This is actually what I'm looking for sources on parts for. The Tornado. Just curious if there's a rebuild kit anywhere for em, or what might work, etc.

Here's the 'good side' lol - both sides have about the same amount of rust damage in the same spots.

the 'bad side' because someone tried to repair it.

aaand the inside:

He's pretty much 100% original; needs new springs, some of em are goin the wrong way, lol.
Anybody know where I can get some stock-height replacements on those, as well? I know BJ's has the 2" lift kits.

And I've been on IFSJ for a WHILE. lol
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Kanter still offers the Tornado 6 engine parts. Assess the situation and see how far you need to go with a rebuild:

Leaf springs are rebuildable. I would consult with a local rebuilder. Don't try lifting tired springs. (Thruway spring made me a pair for the Imperial):

My dad got a '64 Wagoneer 4-door to haul us kids around. Out of all the wagons he looked at, he liked the Wagoneer best.
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