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anyone in wisconsin that knows 1985 turbo dodge 2.2 ill pay cash

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anyone in wisconsin that knows 1985 turbo dodge 2.2 ill pay cash stalls out and gets hard to start and dies when put in gear its automatic
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As Bob posted, do the key dance (turn the ignition to on [do not engage starter), then off, on, off, on. Then count the flashes of the power loss, power limited or check engine light. These will be two-digit codes. 12 is Battery has been disconnected and 55 is end of codes.

If they haven't been replaced recently, I recommend replacing the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor. It will give you a good base to work from. Suggest checking the timing (you'll need a timing light and be sure to disconnect the coolant temperature sensor while checking the timing - the power loss/power limited light will come on, but once reconnected and restarted it should go out.).

Depending on how it is running, possible bad components are the TPS (throttle position sensor), O2 sensor, coolant temperature sensor, AIS and MAP sensor. Possibly the EGR. Before replacing any of those it is best to get the fault codes from the key dance, so you have an idea of where to check. Don't throw the parts cannon at it.

Check all the vacum lines. The OEM vacum lines are plastic and over time will get hard and crack from exposure to the engine heat. Replace as necessary. Also check all wiring connections and the wiring itself for corrosion, breaks, nicks or any other damage. It is a 38-year-old vehicle.
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