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Anyone just have one of those days...

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I was just working on my 97 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5 that I gave to my brother, decided it was time to do the inner tie rod bushings, I have been busy and the weather was a bit cold so I was really putting it off, well decided one day after looking at the passenger side tire being worn to the cords in a short time that it was getting out of control and needed to be dealt with. In the mean time I put the full spare on from the trunk and called it a day 3 days latter the spare blew out not sure why. Hmmm weird, well decided to condemn the car from the road because I wasn't feeling confident in it after seeing the amount of play in the front wheels. I set him up with my gas eating Ram, the only loaner I had, which he is dealing with as best as he can. In the meantime I went to the junkyard pulled 3 good tires and Rims (steelies) had polycast rims originally one is out of round from hitting a huge rock, other got bent from the blowout and being driven on, I am on a budget so this was the only way I could fix the car for him since he has little money to work with used tires and steel rims are 25.00 a piece and that I didn't mind coming out of my own pocket, just have to locate a 4th one to complete it, I couldn't find another good one that day, and since the cowl was falling apart got another one of those too, took all the necessary things off to get to the inner rod bushing bolts, and wham dropped the special socket and it went down the middle of the trans and became invisable, couldn't find a trace of it, so I ordered a new socket what a pain in the rear, also noticed the power steering return line is going rotten along with a line going across the rack, guess that will have to be done too, add that to the heater core flush and well all day project, sweet. It can become a real pain to deal with when things fall in places we can't get to them, I gave up fishing for it after 40 minutes of no sucess, wonder if anyone else has had this issue before I ordered two sockets for good measure, no one seems to carry them on hand.

The car is a beater now has been through a lot, but still running good, had a lot of work done, and has no good net value, body rusting by the rear quarter and the body has been through some battering from this and that so I am just waiting till something major quits working on it to send it to the crusher, doesn't look like it will be anytime soon though, did a lot to the 3.5 within the time I owned it was kind of accumulative and from just being already there so I replaced things that I normally wouldn't have access to otherwise, I think it's funny most of the cars I pull parts from in the junkyard look better than the car I am putting them on, but it runs like new so I guess that's the focal point. Probably will end up using the 2nd gen Intrepid hubcaps on the wheels as well.

I guess it's one more for the road as 1st gens are kind of scarce now. I got the Concorde to catch up on soon as well can't wait to do that one... At least the body is in much better shape still looks new almost, but has much higher miles on it go figure....
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I've had that experience, pulling things from cars that look better than what I'm putting them on. Unfortunately once a car is in the yard it's difficult to get the whole car back out again, even if they will let it out, title issues might persist depending on if the yard has done anything with the title.

Some yards will sell much-intact whole cars before scrapping them, but they seem to want an awful lot for a car that someone thought was dead enough to be sold to the junkyard in the first place.
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