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I was just curious if anyone has ever seen an example of someone installing Magnum-era EFI on to an LA block. There are some intake manifolds that somewhat resemble carbureted manifolds for the air intake, but have holes for fuel injectors, and it made me wonder, if those are capable of bolting to LA heads (thus leaving the LA head oiling system intact on LA blocks) then what else, on the engine itself, would be necessary? There's obviously some kind of position sensor, and possibly a knock sensor or two, a throttle position sensor, possibly a MAF sensor as part of the throttle body, a distributor meant for EFI, and some other changes, plus things like oxygen sensors.

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The hardest thing to get done would be the crank position sensor. There is no provision on the LA block for it, and not really much of a way to mount it to the block accurately with bracketry etc. You could potentially go with a crank trigger setup, but that will depend on what you are using for an ECU. If you are trying to stay factory, I dont think any of the aftermarket crank triggers put out the right signal for the factory style ECU to interpret. If you go aftermarket ECU ( Fast, Accell, Mega-Squirt etc ) then you can use the Accell dual trigger distributor that will give both crank and cam readings to the ECU.

Cam sensor is actually in the distributor, and a Mag distributor will drop right into an LA. Use a Magnum TB or one of the many aftermarket billet varieties and use the stock Mag IAC, TPS and MAP sensor.

For a splash of cool, try this Scroll about half way down for the 6 barrel TB setup on a factory sixpak intake.

Hope that helps


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No MAF on domestic Chrysler EFI.
The only way that I would tackle something like this would be with a complete Magnum donor vehicle. You may find that you would have to transplant all the little bits and pieces to make an EFI vehicle operational and compliant.
Engine assembly, Overdrive transmission, fuel tank and its support system, wiring harnesses, modules, instrument cluster and more.
The best thing about having a complete donor vehicle would be that you might have 2 running vehicles when all is said and done.
Your local DMV laws on vehicle modifications outside of the registered VIN and local emissions inspection requirements must also be considered.

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I was just curious, given the similarities between the LA and Magnum blocks. Of course, if it had been so simple then there would have been a lot of this kind of swap already.

There were a few Magnum engines paired to three-speed transmissions- the '97 Ram Van 2500 I drove at work was a 318 three speed. One of those might make for a good donor given how cheap vans sell for.

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I have put the entire system from a 92 magnum truck into my 80 model crew cab w/a 440. did this 2 years ago when I had the body off. Am using the throttle body from the 92 and all of the sensors. Did do this knowing that I might have issues with some items.
1. Fuel system-added a frame mounted fuel pump. removed the stock fuel
pressure regulator (only 32psi) and added an adjustable regulator w/vacumn
assist. stock injectors did not help w/required fuel quanitys as needed by
the o2 sensor. So I found out that 460 ford injectors would fit and rated at
24 lbs per hr, vs 19 lbs per hr stk. jacked the pressure up to get a much
shorter pulse width on the injectors.
2. Had to add o2 sensor. Stock truck manifolds-big block. Just one added ffor
the stock wiring harness. Much later I added a wide band o2 senser to the drivers
side. FAST unit to get an actual reading.
3.Mind you---I used everything from the 92 doner truck w/5.2 engine. Had to lengthen
the wiring harness to fit all the big block stuff.
4. Used the late model 5.2 dist too. had to lengthen the shaft to use it. also added the
spacer that was for putting a 440 dist. in a 383. It helped the housing clear the corner
of the cylinder head.
5. I have been using a 518 trans (46RH) behind the 440 for over 15 years. so it was easier
to make the bracket for the crank senser. Still a pain to change!!!!
6. Even made a bracket to put the modified late model Sanden A/C compressor
on the 440. uses a V belt instead of a serptine belt.
7. With this swap I still can use a OBD1 scan tool on the truck just as a 92 model.
8. The biggest problem is getting help on redoing the EEPROM in the SBEC computer.
All the big companies don't want to help with the computer as its too old!!??? or
they want all the easy stuff to work on. I would like to get some help and info on the OBD 1
EEPROM's. Such as the directory to find out where things are at.
OK ---enough for now. I will help as I can. I'm not on here everyday,but I do check in at least twice a week.
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