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The hardest thing to get done would be the crank position sensor. There is no provision on the LA block for it, and not really much of a way to mount it to the block accurately with bracketry etc. You could potentially go with a crank trigger setup, but that will depend on what you are using for an ECU. If you are trying to stay factory, I dont think any of the aftermarket crank triggers put out the right signal for the factory style ECU to interpret. If you go aftermarket ECU ( Fast, Accell, Mega-Squirt etc ) then you can use the Accell dual trigger distributor that will give both crank and cam readings to the ECU.

Cam sensor is actually in the distributor, and a Mag distributor will drop right into an LA. Use a Magnum TB or one of the many aftermarket billet varieties and use the stock Mag IAC, TPS and MAP sensor.

For a splash of cool, try this Scroll about half way down for the 6 barrel TB setup on a factory sixpak intake.

Hope that helps

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