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There is one caution on towing with a new van.
You cannot use an old wiring harness connector, due to the new LED lighting!
With the Chrysler connector system, they have to change the ECM programing.
However, if you get a Curt aftermarket connector system, it includes a provision
for wiring power direct from the battery, thru a relay & fuse, of course, so that the
vans' ECM does not see the additional light load from the trailer!---- and this
system is cheaper to buy, but does require some knowhow to install. It is not a
total plug & play deal!
I put a Curt hitch on my 2011 T&C, but have not purchased the wiring connector kit yet.
You can get both of these items from cheaper than other sources.
I specifically wanted one with a 2" receiver, because of all the couplers that I have from the past.This is a class3 hitch.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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