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Anyone want a 318?

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I have a 318 I need to get out of my garage. I intended to build it and find a car to put it in, but I have the whole "too many projects" thing going on right now. It is a TBI roller cam engine from an '89 Dodge B250 passenger van I had back in high school. Heads are #302 swirl port castings. It has been sitting since 2005, but it always ran like a swiss watch up until that point (of's a 318). The van had about 170,000 miles on it when I pulled the motor. It is currently dissasembled, but everything is there and laid out on my workbench (except the block and crank, which are bagged up and sitting nearby). I have the entire long block plus exhaust manifolds, water pump, TBI intake and throttle body, and most accessory brackets. Also have the original lockup torque converter with it.

If this sounds interesting to anyone, make me an offer.