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Are All Brands Of Timing Belts Pretty Much The Same Quality?

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Or, is there a clear winner?

Some are pretty pricey. Like they contain everything. With a 3.0 I know I am going to replace the water pump, but is there a "best" choice for that too? I want to have to have this done but once. The car has 80,000 miles on it and was manufactured in late 1993.

Are Gates Green Stripe hoses THAT much better? Heater hoses too?

Anything else I should do? The engine compartment is dusty but oil free. Motor mounts? I am headed north next week, 1,500 miles. Mexican parts stores have no idea whatsoever what a 3.0 V6 is.
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I would definitely go with a name-brand on the timing belt. Not sure if this engine is interference or not, but the job looks like something I would only want to do once. Gates or Dayco are well-established and reputable brands. Especially where you're located in an area where parts are difficult to get, I would pay the extra for the peace of mind. If you have a tensioner, replace that too. I know you can buy a kit for the 2.5 that has a new tensionser pulley and belt. As for hoses, again, stay with name brands if you can. On my 2.5, the lower radiator hose is a weirdo formed piece that has two diameters. I've heard that people have made it by with universal hose, but I also live in an area where a failure would be easy to fix. Goodyear, Stant, Gates, etc, are all good names. You may want to call ahead and see if you can order the parts to the store you'll be traveling to, or use RockAuto because of the formed aspect I mentioned. However, if, say, Gates, has a "premium" and an "economy" line, I would be fine with the economy line; what really matters to me is that the manufacturer is established.

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No idea on the water pump brand I used, but I used the Goodyear timing belt. Obviously there will be better and lower quality brands. Parts cost is miinor compared to the labor invloved.
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