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Are LA-derived Magnum engines reverse-flow cooling?

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I recently read somewhere that Magnum engines were reverse-flow for their cooling systems. To what I know, reverse flow is where the fresh coolant leaves the radiator and enters the top of the engine, flows into the heads, then flows through the jackets around the cylinders before being expelled out the front and into the radiator.

I know that the water pump for the Magnums spins in reverse, but that in of itself, does not make it reverse-flow in the sense that I'm talking about.

Can anyone shed some light on this? If they are truly reverse-flow, that could mean interesting possibilities for cooling for LA engines...
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My use of the term "reverse cooling' is to only note that Magnum blocks water pumps run CCW, not CW. The coolant flow is normal direction. The Magnum water pump castings are not designed for CW rotation, and the impellers cavitate when run CW. Don't ask how I know!! :)>)
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