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Are the aerosol vinyl Dyes (like Classic Industries) sell any good?

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Hello again, Its been a while.
My new shop is coming along slowly but it's getting there.
The interior (all of it) of my 73 Charger is a shade of green that I just don't like. The seats were redone several years ago and the vinyl is still in GREAT condition.
My question is......The aerosol (or cans to use with a spray gun) vinyl dies that are advertised in the restore catalogs, Are they any good? Does the stuff work as advertised? or is it just more a waste of money and time?
Looking at changing the color and was just wondering if I should just pay for new material and recover the seats.
Any insight would be helpful, I've never used this kinda stuff.
Thanks in advance,
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I've used that stuff before, and some of it wears off a little, and it flakes off in other places. I'd get an upholstery shop to recover everything.
Thanks Bob, I have been a little skeptical about the stuff, since chances are I will replace with New.....I may give it a try.
Kinda 'test drive" it. It will be a while before I am actually ready for the seats to be installed anyway. I may use on 1 seat and let it stand for a while and check it out. there might be a use for it in other areas.
Thanks for the reply.
Not sure about the stuff Classic Industries sells because I haven't seen the brand. Dupli Color sells some that isn't worth a plug nickle. Krylon sells some that is ten times worse than the Dupli Color stuff. I have used SEM before and it works very well. I changed the color of a interior on a 1966 Polara convertible from blue to black using SEM paint and it lasted in the Florida sun for over a year which is when I sold the car. I was told when I bought it that prep is the key. They told me to wipe the vinyl down with laquer thinner which opens up the pores on the vinyl. Not sure how true that was but I did it and afterwards I could not scratch it off with my finger nail. SEM is pricey. The last time I checked it was 12 dollars a can.
Thanks Covertopps. That is good news to hear. Where is that brand available? I want to get a brand that somebody has good things to say about it. As far as the seats go, I will still probably just have those recovered.

Thanks again.
I haven't bought any in a year. The last place I bought it was at a local auto body supply store. That paint store has cahnged hands and now is part of a large corporation and they have changed product lines and their prices have nearly doubled. To say the least I don't patronize them anymore. You can probably look the brand up and see where it is available. it is simply titled SEM Try Googling SEM paint.
Thanks Covertopps.........found it and found local suppliers. We'll give it a try.
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