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Same thing here, and it was determined the tags price could be raised to balance the budget! It's all political and driving all us folks crazy, others simply move. like almost one third of big business here, along with a good percentage of the rich (go figure), but it hasn't stopped those seeking assistance from coming here. Anyway, yeah, my tags for the Charger were $34, they have gone up past the $100 mark but it is in suspension right now. My Dakota was off the road for a year being rebuilt, got it back on, had to smog it (of course), and since it is an odd number truck and I smogged it on an even year (November, due originally in December), I had to then pay half the cost of the tags per year, then the next month the full amount, and then the odd next year came around and I had to test only (agan) smog the truck again. Yes, a ripoff.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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