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Just wanted to post a thread letting people know that I have at last successfully found a new DC motor that will replace the ones used in all Chrysler auto temp control system aspirator assemblies from about 1987-1993 or so. Maybe more - I'm not sure about other vehicle applications.

What you're looking for is a 12V motor with a 2mm diameter, 10mm length shaft, 10k RPM. Motor body is 27mm wide by 32mm long without shaft or 43mm long with shaft.

Here's the one I just took delivery of:

It is a 100% perfect fit and nearly identical to the old Johnson J8719 used in these things. I was able to re-use the old rubber sound covering, housing, and impeller... it all fits the new motor like a glove. At last, the Imperial is about to get a perfectly working ATC aspirator motor. No more worn out yard parts :)
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