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August 2013 New Car Sales Expected to Be Up 14.4 Percent According to TrueCar; August 2013 SAAR at 15.75M, Highest August SAAR

Individual Manufacturer highlights:

o General Motors is enjoying its highest sales since Sept. 2008
o Honda's sales are its highest since August 2009
o Chrysler enjoyed its second highest sales month this year

"New vehicle sales defied their typical strong correlation with Wall Street in
August and continued to post a healthy increase despite the lackluster
performance in financial markets," said Jesse Toprak, senior analyst for "Small SUVs became the fastest growing segment this month, with
this very functional and affordable vehicle category now making up 15.5% of
all sales, up from 13.5% from a year ago."

Chrysler needs to get into the hot crossover market in a stronger way but still had a good month with sales up over 20% according to TrueCar.. The Cherokee can't get here soon enough while ComPatriot, Durango and Journey need to pick up the pace.
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