The deal we’ve been watching is official now — Australia’s Motoring has confirmed that the New South Wales police will adopt a fleet of Chrysler 300 SRTs, with the big 392 V8 engines. The state’s new cars will be specially outfitted for the police, likely using technology from Dodge.

The cars are replacing Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores (from GM), because local production of Ford and Holden cars has ended. Local production rules have been dropped along with most Australian auto manufacturing.

The number of cars involved (up to 200) won’t make or break Fiat Chrysler, but it does put the Chryslers into a highly visible place — and could double 2018 sales. Motoring did note that, in other departments, the 300 will have to beat the Genesis G80, Kia Stinger GT, BMW 530d (though the latter cost $120,000 each — versus $65,000 for the SRT). State police favor large rear wheel drive sedans with powerful engines to eat up long distances.

Chrysler has a positive history in Australian policing, but left the country in the 1980s, selling all its local assets to Mitsubishi.

Tipped by Stephen Claydon.