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Auto Door Lock Failure

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2000 Concorde LXi auto door lock that locks all four doors stopped workiing. The driver's side button locks all doors but won't open them.

While making a repair that required the removal of the actuator, I left the power connected for half of the job. When reassembling, I used a small wooden block on each side of the main wire of the connector to the actuator inorder to assure a snug fit. In the process, could I have shorted or jarred something? I don't know the role that actuator plays in locking all doors at once. Could a fuse be a simple root cause?
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This happened to me once, and I found that disconnecting the battery for several minutes and reconnecting it caused it to reset and work.

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Well Bob... looks like I have a similar story. After posting here I had to run an errand and low and behold... evrything works perfectly again. In essense, the car was shut off when I discovered the problem then reported it here. Time passed and I restarted the car. Bingo! I'm back in business... with a few scraped knuckles from twisting around inside my front door unexpectedly. I'm still surprised everything went as smoothly as it did.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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