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The axles for turbo and non-turbo are the same on the driver's side; on the passenger side in a non-turbo, the axle is one piece and longer than the driver's side axle (refered to as unequal). In a turbo, the driver's side axle is the same length as the driver's side, (hince it is refered to as an equale length axle) but utlizes an intermediate shaft with a carrier bearing to support them, additionally the intermediate shaft/carrier bearing are supported by some bracketry.

You can use the equal length turbo type on a non-turbo but will need the intermediat shaft, carrier bearing and supporting brackets. You can also use the unequal length axle on a turbo, it will not require the intermediate shaft, carrier bearing or supporting brackets.

After removing an axle you may need to perform the engine centering proceedure.

Where you need to excersive awareness is with the axle size change in either 87 or 88, when a larger diameter axle shaft replaced the older style. As I understand, you should probabely not mix the 2.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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