Mark E. DeAngelis has patented an air dam with openings that can be opened or closed, on behalf of FCA. Normally one might assume this is for a Viper ACR, but the illustration and example in the patent is that of a pickup truck — not that using a pickup as an example means it will be used on a pickup.

Air dam

Other automakers already use air dams that move up or down, depending on speed. However, these can cause road clearance issues or can limit air going under the hood. The air dam with openings that can be closed would be similar to grille shutters in that it could be flexible in how much air comes through, without causing other problems.

air dam closer

FCA and other automakers have been seeking improvements in efficiency to meet increasing fuel-economy standards, as well as customer expectations. Better airflow helps cars and trucks to go faster with less noise and less fuel consumption, but do little if anything in lower-speed traffic; for that, they are creating hybrid-electric and stop-start systems. Thanks, Steven St. Laurent.