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Well, I own some of the "Daimler" stuff, and it has proved reasonably reliable, fun to drive, and not without it's frustrations, just like any other car I drove over the years. But, it has a stout engine and transmission and a pretty good suspension, and that counts most of all to me, so I'm happy.
I also loved the Crossfire and the Aspen, especially the hybrid. While at a dealership recently, I sat in a sweet little 2005 light blue Crossfire hardtop with a six speed. Basic with low mileage, even cloth seats! Nearly bought it on the spot, had to run away!
And every time I see an Aspen, which is fairly often, I still really like the looks of them, so much better the the Escalade or the Durango it derived from.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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