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Automotive News Report - Chryslers Future Plans

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From Automotive News: Supplied Without Comment.

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Some good looking improvements!! Now granted the last time I was into performance cars was the late 80's and early 90's when 16 inch wheels were the new thing and this leads me to a question. My understanding is that the larger the wheel the rougher the ride but, depending on personal choice, the better the handling due to a tire with a shorter sidewall leading to less flex. I also believe I read on Allpar somewhere that there was a vehicle that was or was planning to get rid of the spare tire altogether to save weight. Why not limit or reduce wheel size to 17 inches instead of big and heavy chrome 20 inch wheels?? Wouldn't that save weight?? Maybe it would limit competitiveness due to other manufacturer's offering 20 inch choices though. Just curious.

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I guess the future lineup looks like this -

Dodge - Dart, RWD Avenger, Charger, Challenger, possible large minivan based crossover
Chrysler - 200, 200 convertible, mid size crossover to replace Journey, 300, Town and Country
Jeep - 500X based Jeep, probable Patriot/Compass replacement, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, Wrangler
Fiat - 500, 500 5 door around the size of the Fiesta, 500L, 500X
Alfa Romeo - Giulietta, RWD Giulia, roadster, 4C, possible large RWD sedan
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