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AUX input install on 2006 RAQ radio

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For anyone interested,

I did search here, and found nearly nothing on this topic. It may be that I need to learn to search more effectively, but I thought this might be of general interest, and helpful to somebody else. I read that 2006-2008 PT's and some other Chrysler products will use the same radio.

I found a couple of adapters that allow addition of an auxiliary input jack on the RAQ (6 CD, no nav) radio. The one I used was an ISIMPLE PAC ISCH73, that provides two hookups - a direct connection for an iphone/ipod, and a pair of RCA jacks for other devices. It included a long cable with the "iphone plug." I also bought a cable kit - ISIMPLE IS335 that included a cable to convert the RCA plugs to a small 3.5 jack, a cable that plugs into that, and terminates in a female plug that mounts in a 3/8 hole, and a standard cable to go from there to the device.

The cable for the iphone/ipod also charges the device.

I searched Amazon and found both items, significantly cheaper than other places I looked. The adapter kit was $80 (with free shipping) and the cable kit was $10 (Prime). Everything on Amazon seems to change price some continuously.

1. put the front windows down. Very important if it's a vert. No, I didn't damage mine.
2. disconnect the battery
3. remove a phillips screw from the bottom (six o'clock) position of each center vent. Have a magnet handy. You have to position the vents horizontally to have access. If you don't find it, flip the vent 180. Have a magnet handy.
4. very gently use some thin broad blade (I used a Tupperware scraper) to pull the center fascia loose. Clips are two top, two upper sides, two lower sides, one bottom center (at least on mine)
5. remove wire connector from clock (clip on bottom side)
6. remove wire connector from power windows (release red lock first, then clip)
7. I let the fascia lie balanced on the shifter knob, and that worked well.
8. remove four torx screws (black, T20 on mine). Leave the other four untouched.
9. There is enough room to slide the radio out and uplug wiring and antenna. The black plastic piece that looked like it should remain in the radio does not, it is part of the cable end that is removed.
10. Follow directions to plug the adapter cables into the radio, and the cars cables into those. This is REALLY SIMPLE, with one exception. The big plug that came with the kit is super tight, and I spent more time trying to insert it without damaging the radio, than any other part of this.
11. Decide where you want the cables to reside and drill as necessary. I put ours in the cubby bin under the heat/AC controls. That cubby has a clip on each side, and is very easy to remove, especially with the fascia moved and the radio out. I felt and pushed gently on each side, and it just popped out.
12. Reassemble enough to test, connect the battery, pray, and test.

Mine worked perfectly, and we'll hope that continues. I tested with an iphone and Pandora, and it had good sound and the phone did charge. I have a Zune and it worked as it should.

I do not know how or where to put pics, or if there is interest. I did take photos, and will send to anybody who wants to see them.