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[sub]Check the grounds for PCM,relays ect. It may be a ASD relay but it would normally get worse with heat. [/sub]

[sub]May have a fuel pump in tank going bad just starting. I would check the Coolant temp sensor. This is on the thermostat.[/sub]

[sub]Best to check with scantool datastream but you can with effort check it with doghouse off,when it acts up at operating[/sub]

[sub]temp take the Ohms reading of CTS. It should be low ohms range. According to my manual it should read about 650-[/sub]

[sub]720 ohms when van is at 200+F. It may be staying too rich or lean.- Check your relays both fuel pump and the ASD relay.[/sub]

[sub]Reason I put emphisis on CTS is becuse of the temp and cool off then does it again. Seen the CTS itself be fautly or the[/sub]

[sub]actual connector to it. Check connector for terminal integrity. Its right on near the thermostat housing two wire sensor.[/sub]

[sub]May need manual there may be two one is your CTS to PCM, for cold enrichment ect, the other is for temp gauage and light.[/sub]

[sub]Make sure if you have two,check be sure its the CTS to PCM. Check all grounds. bad grounds can do strange things.[/sub]

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