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Ball joints on a 2008 ~ 2010 Grand Caravan

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Anyone know of any how-tos (with torque specs) on replacing the ball joint on a 2008~2010 Grand caravan? I like to research a bit before I do the job.
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A library may have a service manual you can take out for pictures and procedures. If you are chasing a clunking front end, be sure that the b/j's have play before condemning them. If the control arm bushings are bad, replace the whole arm.
Remove the axle nut, caliper, pads, rotor and knuckle. Use a screw press (special tool C-4150A or equivalent) , as a hammer or pickle fork may mar the aluminum knuckle. Don't allow the driveshaft to hang or over-extend. Be careful not to damage the ABS sensor or wiring.
A press (looks like a large C-clamp: and cups is the best way to remove and replace them. When installing the rubber boot, use a cylindrical arbor for protection as a hex socket may damage the rubber. You can't get new rubbers separately, so you only get one chance to do them right.
The b/j nut is tightened to 20 ft/lb (27 Nm) plus 180 degrees. The axle hub nut is 118 ft/lb (160 Nm). The knuckle to strut bolts are 65 ft/lb (88 Nm) plus 90 degrees.
Get a front end alignment check after the service.
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