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Ballpark value of a nice '79 Volare Duster w/Super Six?

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After 14 months of job searching with no luck, I'm forced to sell my Volare to pay bills. I was going to put it on the local Craigslist but I'm not sure about asking price. I don't expect somebody to suggest more than a price range to ask, without laying eyes on it in person, but anything would help. It has 160,500 mi. Reman 904 installed 12/2010. New radiator, heater core, and starter. Excellent paint. On a 1-10 scale, I would honestly call the body an 8 or 9; mechanically a 7-8, handling and driving an 8, and the interior about 7. Absolutely no rust issues, and I've looked all over and under it.

My neighbor is a car salesman and he said I should ask at least $2800 to start with. Could someone guesstimate about that?

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That must be a nice car, I always loved those. It's a shame to have to part with it.

If it's in that good shape, I'd ask a little more. These cars are very rare, but are often not appreciated because of the bad press the first models got, with rust and suspension issues, then the lockup converter the first year. By 1979 that was all past.

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I know this post is old, but I also have a 79 Duster. There are so many variables, also not being able to see the car is a downfall. Does yours have all of the Duster pkg. (stripes, louvers, plaid seats)? I believe that would also add to the value of the car. Mileage is also a downfall, but if you took care of the car well, then it shouldn't matter that much. I also believe that the time for the F-body still hasn't arrived yet, but will come.

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One big factor in the demise of the F body was the strict emissions tests in (mostly) rustfree states like California and Arizona where so many Aspens/Volares met an early demise. OTOH: there are quite a few Darts and Valiants still extant since most of them were 1974 down and California exempts them from testing whereas Arizona has a simple idle/cruise test on the dynos (1967+ only).
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