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Battery tray/hold down.

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This was one of those ongoing annoyances and really a safety hazard not having the battery secured so I took the afternoon a few weeks ago and put a fix to it. I started with one of those 'universal battery trays' in the small size and went from there. It was centered and secured to the original welded in battery tray with some button head screws and large fender washers to spread the load out. Some aluminum angle was cut and secured to the plastic tray using more stainless button head screws and fender washers to spread the load out to keep the battery secured fore-aft and side-side. And finally to keep the battery vertically restrained a piece of all-thread and a short section of angle iron as the top bar were used

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I've had to use an aftermarket kit on my Nissan- the tray was still intact, but the strap was just gone and there were indications on the bottom of the hood that the battery had been scraping from time to time. Works a lot better now...
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