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Belt Tensioner Issue: 2002 3.3l Caravan

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Here's the deal.

Needed to have the serpentine belt replaced on my 2002 3.3L Caravan. The mechanic said that the belt tensioner needed replacing.

A year later, same issue. Mechanic does a little research, says Chrysler had a faulty design on said tensioner, and replaced them under warranty when people brought their Caravans in for service. Mine was never replaced with the improved design (so he claims).

Said he could order one, it was hard to get and he wouldn't have it for weeks. I just told him to go ahead and fix it without the new part, since I needed the vehicle.

Well, not even a year later and the belt is shot again. They replaced it under their one year warranty.

Is there such a thing as a redesign on this tensioner?? If so, anyone know where to get one?
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Is the nature of the failure the spring-loaded tension arm binding? The early ones did that.
The latest part # is 4861277AD. Always use a premium belt, even if it costs a bit more. The belt path must be straight and true among all the pulleys.
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