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Best 88 LeBaron Replacement Convertible Tops

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Hello all,
It's been awhile since I have visited the site, and I would appreciate some help based upon folks' past experiences. The roof on my 88 LeBaron convertible needs replaced, and the local trim shop wants $1300, which I think is high, considering the current roof cost me $600 (installed) back in 2001. I have a rear window w/defroster. I did do a search on this topic in the forums and came up empty.

I like the package sold by Convertible Top Guys is a Haartz top with pads, cables, staples/glue, and instructions. However, I see other tops by EZ & Robbins. Are they all about the same in quality? Anybody have any experience with Convertible Top Guys (they are in RI)? My ace mechanic (a long time Mopar mechanic) has offered to assist with the installation.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

PS My current window is zippered. I did not know that this was so the window could be un-zippered and lowered while driving! The headliner hides this feature.
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EZ on and Robbins are both reputable companies. The 87's through the 89's came with what was called pinpoint vinyl and had the zippered rear windows and the "wire on" trim strip along the back bow to conceal the staples. Starting in 1990 Chrysler eliminated the zippered window and did away with the "wire on" welting.This makes for a much cleaner look to the top. They also went to a "Sailcoth" top material which is richer looking and maintains it's appearance better. You can use the later style top on the 87 through 89 models with no problems.

Keep in mind that the rear window ( called the rear curtain ) is a separate piece from the top and does not need to be replaced with the top. If the window is beginning to detach itself from the fabric or the fabric is shot then you would replace both the curtain and the top.
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