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Best engine/transmission

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I know there will be a lot of opinions...I want advice on what to swap into a 1946 one ton pickup. The engine bay is the same as the 1/2 ton so forget the Cummins. I'm looking for good torque for towing and fuel economy is important. Probably automatic but there is a dump bed, so a manual with PTO would be a possibility.

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Welcome to the forum. Depending on what you really want to do. Are you looking old school or new/electronics package? A 383 is a very durable/tough/good torque engine, set it up with a carb, small cam, lots of bottom end, or go with a 5.7 full out electronics package from a Ram, but being a 1 ton, the ultimate in torque and low end power is a V10 (given the diesel is out). These V10s are tough, they are routinely getting 250,000 miles out of them with ease before anything happens.
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