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Best way engine swap in 1950 Plymouth SD

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I;m a NEWBIE at a standstill on my 1950 Plymouth SD. I bought this car for a project. All floor pans need replacement,, body supports, etc...Lots of work needed but thats not a problem with me.... Pulled the old flat 6 out, it was frozen when i bought it.. Dont feel i want to rebuild it because its super heavy, lacks power, and probably only good for 50 or 60 thousand miles. For the same 2 or 3 thousand engine investment i;d rather go with a higher millage motor, say a 3.8l buick v6 or to manys dismay a sbc.. I would appreciate input from u guys who been down this roador who actually KNOW the mechanics involved, such as: If i go with the 3.8l will i have problems with the exhaust manifold hitting the 1950 stock steering unit, what kind of trans will work, what driveshaft do i need, what rear new axle assembly will be good. The same questions apply for a sbc transplant if i choose that course.. Motor mounts, trans mounts, whatever is involved i would appreciate your input. Stan in Pa.
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Having helped with a 4.7 Hemi install in a '49, I can assure you that it is the way to go. Just get the engine/ytranny from a wrecked Ram truck, and get all the wiring and sensors. It is really a very easy install. Even motor mounts are available online, as well as other assist companys. With all the good Mopar stuff available, why even consider another brand?
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