FCA is recalling a wide range of 2019 and 2020 vehicles with the big 8.4 inch or 12 inch displays, because a software error can show the rearview camera image after the vehicle is shifted back into Drive. This can distract the driver and, theoretically, contribute to a crash.

The solution, not surprisingly, is to update the software. 318,537 vehicles in the US, and a certain number (we estimate roughly 50,000) elsewhere, are affected.

Specific models covered by the recall are:
  • Chrysler: 2019-2020 Pacifica
  • Dodge: 2019-20 Durango and 2019 Challenger
  • Jeep: 2020 Gladiator and Cherokee, 2019-20 Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, and Renegade
  • Ram: 2019-20 pickups

The 300 and Charger, though they share quite a bit with the Challenger, are not included. Nor are the Ram chassis cabs. The recall is coded W30-W37 by Chrysler and 20V191 by the U.S. government, and should start by May 22.