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Bike racks for PT Cruisers - cheap solution found!

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I have a quite old but still in great shape Outback Graber bike rack and was trying it on my PT and was disappointed to find that the hooks are too big for the tiny gap between the hinge of the trunk. Just ordered these "Saris Hatch Huggers" replacement straps and it looks like they'll work perfectly.

Just wanted to give the heads up to anyone looking for a bike rack to fit their PT. You DON'T have to get a hitch assembly ($150+) nor do you have to get a roof rack. You can easily get a cheaper rack and then just modify the straps! :)

Oh and FYI - lots of them on eBay with free shipping!
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Nothing can stop You from enjoying your great cruise with a bike carrier for Your Chrysler PT Cruiser. The Bike carrier can be customized to meet your individual needs with comprehensive accessories.
Feature of bike carrier which is important for your PT cruisers
  • Both the bicycle carriers and bike holders can be used for e-bikes. Maximum weight of the load is 60 Kg Maximum load is 60 kg This is equivalent to 3 bikes or 2 E-Bikes.
  • The carrier can be extended for an additional person. bicycle. Please use extension type "A".
  • The adjustable platform allows for visibility of the rear lights and license plate
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