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blower on 2002 ram 1500 only works on high setting

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I have a 2002 Ram 1500 quad cab 4x4 that I just got two weeks ago. When I first used the A/C all the blower settings on switch worked but the fan noise was loud on high setting.Now in the last couple of days , the blower only works on high speed and is so loud you can hear it outside cab. I have the dodge service manual for my truck but I was just wanting to know if anybody has had similar problems. Thank you.
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Welcome to Allpar. Loud, like a vibration may mean that something is in the squirrel-cage blower fan wheel and that the imbalance from spinning is causing the vibration. The cowl screen is supposed to block leaves and debris from entering the blower fan, but sometimes things get through.
The blower resistor may have opened and will only provide high speed if this has happened. Removing the glovebox door might give you easier access to the resistor and blower motor.
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