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blue smoke in shelby z

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Recently the shelby has started to blow blue smoke. I have pulled the plugs and they all look good,no oil fouling or sludge,checked compression and all four cylinders have 130 .Sometimes it will smoke after running a while,but not to badly,sometimes on start-up.
Any way to tell if it could be valve stem seals or the turbo seal?
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Valves usually smoke more on deceleration, rings on acceleration.

You can do a compression check, then add oil to the cylinders. If compression improves, it's rings, if not, valves.

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Does the smoke go away after a short while? My turbo Z started this behavior but only at startup and only for a short while. Sometimes not at all. It's embarrassing. I believe the engine is fine. I may have a bad seal in the turbo. But without a teardown it's hard to say for sure and for now I'll be embarrassed.
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