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Unfortunately, this is an ongoing problem with all the Radio/Entertainment Centers in Cars today. When the phone updates to a newer version of software, there are compatibility problems with the Radio/Entertainment Center. It seems to be worse with Apple, but they all have problems.

The only real solution for you, is to have the manufacturer, either FCA or the Radio/Entertainment Center Manufacturer update the software for the Radio. But, they have been slow in doing so, better than the past when they often didn't update it at all.

You can try to disable features, hoping the one that is causing the incompatibility is removed, allowing the others to work. Some people buy an aftermarket Bluetooth hand free kit and use that and just disable the feature in the vehicle.

If I ask about Apple Compatibility for my 2010 from Customer Service, they will read a script saying "They are aware of the problem and are working on a fix that will be released soon." 5 years later, that fix has NOT been released. I ended up ditching the factory Radio and installing an aftermarket unit and that works. But, they are getting better and that's NOT likely to happen to you. You may have to wait longer than you should, but they have been distributing updates to the Radio's lately, and often you can install them yourself instead of having to go to the dealer.

There are different things they are considering for future car Radio's and Phone's that should make this incompatibility situation better, that doesn't help people with the problems today.
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