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bob k from pa

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i recently stumbled across this site searching for info on my plymouth champ and i noticed
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any plymouth champ owners out there. i have a 1982 champ. used to own a 1980 some years back and i put 180000 miles on it delivering pizzas. i must say this is the most dependable car i have ever had, the more it runs the better it runs. i saw the post from 2003 about making the champ faster by changing the carb. i bought my champ for 500 and i have been fixing it up for appx 1.3 years so its roadworthy,car runs great. almost ready for the road. i found a brand new carb for this car on ebay for 100.
Welcome to Allpar. I vaguely remember the Champ. Wasn't it Plymouths version of the Colt? And isn't the drivetrain a Mitsubishi set-up? I have not seen one in years. Post some pics!
You have a very rare car, even though most don't cosider it collectible. Please post pics, inside and out. Thanks.
i want to add some pics of my champ. not as computer savvy as i thought. have the pics but not sure how to add or post pics on this forum. any help would be appreciated. thanks a bunch
i have a 1982 champ i just got in feb
i am painting it and need to fine some bumpers
if any one can help me
also help with any parts , u cant fine any body parts for this
i am in the Philadelphia PA area
HELP thanx
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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