Meet the body of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL, provided by KGP Photography.

The fender openings are very large, possibly supporting bigger wheels and tires for the Rubicon.  It appears that there’s a provision for venting from the fenders, to avoid trapped air.

2019 Jeep Wrangler JL body-in-white

As predicted by Allpar insiders, the basic form and shape is quite similar to current models, with a new hood latch and a greater slope to the windshield. The pillars are still covered up, but should be fairly similar in appearance to the JK’s pillars; however, they are likely to be stronger and able to meet Federal rollover standards without needing the “convertible exemption.”

Allpar has previously noted the availability of three engines (at first, just the V6) — VM diesel, Hurricane turbo-four, and the current V6, tweaked from the original. The transmission will be an eight-speed, which will make the Wrangler considerably quicker and should help highway mileage quite a bit. A full-time four wheel drive option has been all but confirmed. Doors will have pull handles.

As Allpar has been saying for years (literally; we first attached the name “Scrambler” in 2014), a pickup version will be sold one model year after the Wrangler is launched. We may still see a “closed roof” version as well, though the jury is still out on that.

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