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Do you think a parts interchange forum would be useful?

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What body parts from what years will interchange. Is a Caravelle fender the same as an Aries? Will a Lebaron hood fit a Reliant.

I specifically need to know what passenger fenders, front bumper and passenger headlight extension will fit a 1988 Dodge Aries LE.

I think a sub forum for parts interchange in general would be a useful endeavor. Maybe someone has access to a Hollander interchange manual.

Thanks for looking.

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I also use an old copy of the Motor's Crash Estimating Guide to see what years and part numbers can be used. I then Google that part number for availability and supersedence. A part may still 'fit', but have different character crease and trim retainer locations.
Some large public libraries may have Hollander's and Motor's manuals. Ask for older materials that may not be kept on the shelf.
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I'll sometimes cheat and use to check and see. Usually you can punch in parts and see what other years/cars come up in the results.
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