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Body work started.

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My 2005 Convertible is getting a face lift. The paint was faded in places and it had one spot of rust perforation under the drivers door. It was a daily rental in Michigan for the first two years of its existence then a lady bought it and had it as her toy. She was in failing health so it got parked for an extended period of time. I still need to do some deep detailing but the new metal is welded in and it's getting paint laid down now.

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A friend who is good at body work is doing it. I only asked for a respray of the sun burnt paint but he said the dents (either a hail storm or the walnut tree near the house) were bugging him so he's pulling them out and smoothing them with filler.

Once the paint cures for a month, he's going to redo the pinstripes. The lady doted on this car.
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As an owner of one of the final 5-speed stick convertibles in their last year 2008 I enjoyed seeing your progress on yours. Mine lives a charmed life - had someone at the dealer I use (unlimited free oil changes for life - 15 years now!) wondered why I had no rust on a car that has lived in Connecticut since I bought it new. Told him it's a pet - never comes out in the salt season and rarely in the rain. 94,000 miles mostly highway - from here to Florida, Maine and Prince Edward Island Canada. Haven't seen too many with obvious rust damage up here - they aren't rare yet even with 13 years plus on our salty winter roads.
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