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bosch abs

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help, I have a 1988 new yorker 3.0 landau with bosch abs and 4 wheel disc brakes. the problem is the left rear caliper keeps locking up in stop/go traffic when it gets hot. shop has replaced both calipers,rotors, pads and hoses on the rear of the car and the left rear caliper still locks up any suggestions? the car is in great shape and still runs well, only 136k would really hate to junk the car because of this.
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Have they checked the ABS? A faulty sensor or tone ring teeth that are missing on that wheel can cause the ABS to apply brakes on that wheel.

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You are thinking of the Bendix 10 system which replaced the Bosch system in mid-year 1990. The common failure is a lack of pressure, not wheel lockup. This could be a simple repair that may be worth making on the Bosch system.
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