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Bought my 1st PT Cruiser today and now check engine light

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I've been wanting a PT Cruiser since they 1st came out. I literally drove a 2005 PT convertible off a used car lot today and inside of 6 hours it dies waiting at a stoplight. Check engine light comes on. It dies a few more times, again while idling at stops. so I drive to my local Autozone to check for codes. He said it is showing 12 different trouble codes. I hope I haven't bought a lemon!

It is supposed to have a 1 month/1000 mile warranty so I'll have to see if they back it up. I traded a very good F350 for this thing!

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I have a SKIM key that was cut by a locksmith for the dealer, it says STARTEC instead of Chrysler. There are "aftermarket" SkiM keys, but they are just the OE supplier with out the OE name...
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