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Brake BLEEDING-nightmare!

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Hello Fellow Mopar /Allpar devotees, motorheads.

Doing the Brakes on my Crusty 84 RELIANT 2.2 , I replaced the Pads & shoes -on this 4 lug rim Antique.

I figured all I needed was frictional components, and some proper brake bleeding.

Turns out ,my Brake light still came on.

I replaced the Master Cylinder w/ a Reman from Auotzone , Had the Transfer(pry off) the old Resivoir to the "new " master Cylinder.

Had trouble cracking the Bleeder nuts , so I used a Liberal Amount of P.B. Blaster /Liquid wrench on them ,after Using a M.A.P. gas torch , and daubing some candle wax on the hot Nuts. Was able to free them up.

I did the old Fashioned 2-person Bleeding Technique w/a Soda bottle of Brake fluid ,Rubber(silicone) hose & Bleeder wrench.

I started in the Diagonal Fashion , Right rear Wheel Bleeder - Left Front Bleeder , Left Rear Bleeder- Right Front Bleeder.

My results were Bleeding works on the Right Rear -Left Front( PLENTY OF AIR BUBBLES) , but ,But ,But on other side , NO air bubbles .

What the Heck is going on?????? this is the most frustrating Brake job on a K_CAR I ever did!!!!!!!

Either I am losing my touch ,or there is some defective component somewhere???

This makes me want to sell this thing for ScrAp$$$$$$$.

regards , stu
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