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I have my own brake problems with the Journey. First set lasted between 17-20k and had to be replaced. I was reimbursed by Chrysler minus a 50 dollar deductible. That set was put on the beginning of 2011, in February or March I believe. In September 2011, I had the rotors turned because they started the shake and scream routine again. That worked for a couple months and now the brakes are totally shot again. The vehicle has about 45k on it now and I just ordered a set of EBC 3GD slotted and dimpled rotors with green stuff pads for all 4 wheels. The website has a deal going on with 21% off EBC orders over 200 dollars. This saved me 143 dollars with a total price of about 540.00. I will let everyone know how these brakes work out once I get them installed on the Journey.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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