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Brakes Charger SRT8

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I have a 2012 SRT8 Charger 14, 320 miles on it....took my car to the dealer for a oil change and 23 pt inspection and it came back that I need new Brembo front pads and rotors $970....My car never seen the track, nor is there visible of brake dust or any type of grooves in the rotors....What is the avg life span of brakes and rotors on SRT8 Chargers
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Welcome to Allpar. Brake life varies widely. I couldn't put a mileage on it.
I would check the pad lining thickness yourself or get a professional 2nd opinion (in writing) if the issue is premature pad wear.
Here in NY, customers are protected by a new car 2yr/18K mile consumer protection (lemon law) warranty for things like this if they are below a legal thickness limit, not if they are simply worn but still legal. I would see how much lining is really left.
Yes that's exactly what I planned on doing is getting a 2nd Opinion from a reputable shop
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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