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I must say Bravo to the ladies and gentlemen behind the refreshed Avenger. I have a 2012 SE as a rental, and the interior is pretty awesome. There are a couple panel issues, here the dash and center counsel meet, and a little "bubble" on where the defrost area meets the dash and around the cup holder. But beyond that this thing is awesome! It feels nicer than my sisters 2010. The new steering wheel has a high quality feel, the cruise control lights up too! The fact that this car has steering wheel audio controls even on the fleet model speaks leaps and bounds! The fuel economy is awesome too! Averaging 28-33mpg! Although there are issues with the 4spd not behaving properly. The car only had 7,800 on it when I got the keys. The engine is quiet, and iy has the 18" chrome clad rims, I am impressed!

Now I'm looking to replace my Sebring Coupe that I love so dearly. I've decided that I don't want the 4spd because I'm not too fond of its behavior in most of the vehicles I've driven. And I'm concerned of the longevity of the 2.4 WGE... I'm leaning towards a used v6 but I'm worried about early hiccups... Hmmm.