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Bristol Palin's Hemi Challenger for Sale

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For those of you with too much time on your hands, Pristol Palin is selling her 2010 Dodge Challenger Hemi on Craigslist.

I am not affiliated with her. I just saw the article come across on the newswire.
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Yeah, but she might get a lot more famous as she gets older. We just don't know yet. (and I don't necessarily mean this in a 'bad famous' kind of way).
Yes, we are among those as-of-yet undiscovered celebrity movie stars. **sigh**
I would have to buy a Bentley of course.
She is more famous than anyone posting in this theard (except maybe ImperialCrown), but not famous enough to demand any kind of premium for the car.
A lot of people know who she is, she's been on TV. That is famous.
Let me know when Nick Nolte sells his LeBaron.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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