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Broken Rocker Arm How long can I drive before causing significant damage to the Cam shaft

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This is the second time that this has happened. Last time, i had a mechanic replace #3 and #5 rocker arms ($500). and later when the familiar tick came back I used MMO and no longer had a problem. Now, the tick is back with a vengence. I was trying to hold out until this Thursday. I have a loss of compression as well when accelerating. And I still have a high pitch or medium high pitched gurgling sound when accelerating also.

Btw i changed my oil yesterday, when mechanic opens the head, does he have drain oil out to replace rocker arms?

2011 dodge grand caravan 3.6 Pentastar
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I have already replaced the left cylinder head around 150K miles. Now, I have over 317K miles. Are you saying that I should replace the head again?
Was it just a junkyard pull, or was it machined/reconditioned? Why was the left head replaced at that time?
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