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Buddy of mine broke a wheel on his PT

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A buddy of mine with an '02 PT with 16" aluminum wheels broke a wheel over the weekend, we're trying to find either another of the same (seemingly unlikely) or else determine suitable replacements. I'm currently looking at cloud cars of both first and second generation, as well as the Neon/SRT4 as sources depending on what I find.

We had tried a 14" that I had from my Stratus days, but it didn't clear the front brakes.

I see that some PTs had 15" wheels, would all PTs accommodate 15" wheels? I know that the Cloud cars had two different options for brakes, which is why I ask if they did something similar with the PT.

I see someone locally is parting a '99 Sebring JXI convertible, I don't know if those are 15" or 16", figured I'd ask... Someone's also selling stock SRT4 wheels that might work, but they're probably 17", which is for tire-cost reasons heading in the wrong direction...

He tried finding even a bare 16" steel wheel and didn't have a lot of luck...

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Try Tire Rack for interchange info.
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