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Buildup of Stellantis inventories

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Anyone notice that RAM, Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler have the largest inventories of vehicles.
The consensus is they have priced themselves out of the market. Any thoughts?
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I don't know what others are seeing but the sales practices of 4 different Chrysler/Jeep dealers in my area with regard to late model used sales are lousy:
no negotiation on price
"discount" if you finance with them, at a too high interest rate
other addons, like "make ready fees" one dealer was adding $2500 for that
to me a lot of bait and switch going on a real turn off
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I am afraid that would be the home stretch of Norm’s famous Jeep going a slippery slope.

What Jeep ought to do, like Porsche did with 911’s rear engine, is stick to its guns, and take the development of the front solid axle to higher levels of refinement and capability.
Agreed the last thing the Wrangler needs is IFS. Watch vids of the Bronco off road, it is good, but not near the flex of the Wrangler. In fact, watching many vids it isn't much better than a GC Trailhawk. On the Bronco the low mounted alternator (Wrangler's with the V6 is way up high) is bad for water and mud. Saw one lose battery charging in the middle of a trail.
They need to go back to individual suspension/steering components and quit saving a dollar here and a dollar there and make it the best it can be.
For the prices they are asking, there is NO excuse. Make it the best it can be.
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Many dealers are still acting like vehicles, new and used, are in short supply. That’s changing rapidly.
two used Grands I looked at and drove, have been at the dealers for 2 months, no drop in price. So I don't think they really care if they sell or not.
The one that was adding $2500 for make ready, I had to get up and leave, before I laughed in his face.
I really wanted a WK-2 Hemi, now they pissed me off, I'm going to put a radiator in my old '07 and keep driving it. I'm semi retired, don't drive a lot but I haven't bought a vehicle for myself since August of '09. That's a long time!
There’s no indication that Recon will have an ICE version.
then it will never cross my driveway.
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