If you have ever thought “I like the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, but I need a vehicle that could escape an attack from armed assailants in a snow storm”, you are in luck. That’s right – a bulletproof, all-wheel-drive Hellcat Charger is a real thing, courtesy of the folks at Armormax. This Utah-based armored vehicle firm is well-known for building impenetrable machines and this time, they have turned their attention to the world’s quickest, fastest and most powerful sedan – the Hellcat Charger.

The key aspect of Armormax is building bulletproof vehicles for police, government officials and anyone else who is likely to be attacked by bad guys packing high powered rifles. The company secures the occupants of the supercharged sedan by addng light synthetic fiber laminates and air hardened, heat treated ballistic alloys in a variety of strength levels, ranging from B4 up through B7 all around the passenger compartment. In B7 trim, the Hellcat Charger will withstand gunfire from everything up to an including the likes of an AR-15 with armor-piercing ammunition. This includes the doors, roof, floor and pillars, so all of the sheet metal areas around the cabin are reinforced.

Next, Armormax adds ballistic glass that is comprised of layers of specially prepared glass, acrylic and polycarbonate laminates. The company also adds protection to the battery, the radiator, the engine computer and the fuel tank, with the Elitus Overlaps system securing the areas around each window. There are also run-flat tires and a reinforced suspension system, helping to keep the car moving in a storm of bullets.

Finally, if a police department buys an Armormax Hellcat Charger, they can opt to have a full lighting system, a push bar and exterior listening/broadcasting devices added. However, this full conversion has got to be too expensive for the average police department so we suspect that a car like this would be reserved for wealthy citizens (think athletes and musicians) or the highest-profile members of the government.


Last, but most certainly not least, Armormax offers an all-wheel-drive system to make their armored Hellcat Charger the perfect escape vehicle in any conditions. Even when it is fully bulletproof, the supercharged sedan is still susceptible to traction issues that could strand the high profile passenger in danger, but with the available all-wheel-drive system, these Hellcat Chargers should be able to get away in rain, mud, snow or anything else.

For those wondering, we do not yet know what all-wheel-drive parts are being used for this conversion, but we have reached out to Armormax and as soon as we hear back, we will update this piece.